Wilson Lue LLP Patent & Trademark Agents, Intellectual Property Counsel

Copyright & designs

We advise clients on all aspects of copyright law in the traditional and digital realms, and help them understand their rights and obligations in the age of social media, crowdsourcing, open source licensing, and user-generated content. We provide practical and relevant advice on licenses, moral rights, and use of third-party works.

Our services include advice and representation on acquiring and registering copyright, clearance research and opinions, and enforcement and defence. We support commercial transactions by conducting due diligence reviews and opinions on infringement, validity, and fair dealing in copyrighted works.

We have also advised and represented numerous clients in so-called “torrent” copyright lawsuits concerning the uploading of copyrighted works. We provide a range of options for clients navigating the Federal Court system in copyright lawsuits, ranging from advice and coaching to full defence representation.

We also help clients protect product designs through industrial design registrations, and create robust intellectual property portfolios by combining design protection with patent and trademark protection. We also advise and represent clients in industrial design disputes.